Welcome to LinkTaco!

Here you can mix all your link saving and sharing needs in one tight little bundle. Much like a taco. A link taco if you will.

LinkTaco is an open source platform where you can host all of your links. Custom domains, QR codes, Analytics, full API, multiple organizations w/unlimited members are just some of what's included.

Social bookmarking is not new, it's just been forgotten. Link shortening with analytics has been around forever. Link listings became cool once social media started allowing us to post a link to our websites in our profiles.

Up until now, all of these things were hosted on different services.

  • Social bookmarking: Pinboard (Delicious)
  • Link shortening: Bitly et al
  • Link listings: Linktree et al

Peace Pinboard. Bye Bitly. Later Linktree. Hello LinkTaco!

Since we're a 100% open source project you can host your own instance if you'd like full control over your own platform. See the install docs for more.

Ready to get started? It's free to make an account and use it forever (with some limitations). To use all features you have to pay just a few bucks a year, or a few per month if you're a business, and that's it. Simple!

Explore Features

Organize Bookmarks

  • Save public/private links
  • Save public/private notes
  • Follow other organizations (social)
  • Organize by tags
  • Advanced filtering/search
  • Full RSS feeds
  • Custom domain + SSL

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Link Shortening

  • Unlimited short links
  • Organize shorts by tags
  • Filter/Search shorts
  • Unlimited QR codes per short
  • Full Analytics
  • Custom domain + SSL

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Link Lists

  • Unlimited link listings (for social media bios, etc.)
  • Organize listings by tag
  • Filter/Search listings
  • Unlimited QR codes per listing
  • Full Analytics
  • Custom domain + SSL

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  • Full analytics history
  • QR Code specific analytics
  • Click analytics
  • Referer analyitcs
  • Country analytics
  • City analytics
  • Device analytics

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  • Add unlimited members to organization
  • Members can add/edit/remove links (if allowed)
  • Members have access based on permissions granted

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  • Slack Integration
  • MatterMost Integration
  • Browser bookmark widget
  • Build Your Own Integration

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API Powered

  • Full GraphQL API Access
  • GraphQL Playground
  • OAuth2 Support
  • Personal Access Tokens

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Import Export

  • Import from Pinboard
  • Import from Firefox
  • Import from Chrome
  • Import from Safari
  • Export in JSON or HTML

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